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A Solid Foundation Is The Key To A Successful Business

Chab Industrial has been the top at manufacturing and installing gravity chute systems on our planet. Our mission is to keep our environment clean and organised in the simplest way possible.

Waste Chutes and Linen Chutes

Our chutes are made of 100 percent stainless steel with a touch of excellence. A safe and a self cleaning system is a product that transformed luxury to demand, Chab's name spread from all over the G.C.C region and expanded without limit.

Compactors and Containers

Each structure has a unique requirement that are well studied and engineered to contain either general waste or linen at the bottom of the chute in containers.

Compact compactors in structures are popular in reducing the size of solid waste to make it easier to transport and contain.

Chab Industrial will:

  • Give you the best product guaranteed
  • Have the lowest cost of waste management system
  • Be there for your maintenance needs