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Our business has earned an undeniable reputation through a commitment to the highest standards of quality in everything we do. We have a highly experienced and well-established team of talented engineers who collectively and consistently deliver outstanding results. The knowledge within our company has been handed down between generations, and this gives us a unique and distinct breadth of knowledge in our industry.

Introduction to Gravity Chutes

Ideally purposed for multistory buildings, the Gravity Chute is a dedicated section that enables the convenient transfer of items from any floor to the bottom level of the building. Typically, the chute is cylindrically shaped and extends from the roof to the lower level of the building. On each level in between, there is an opening hatch or hopper door for people to effortlessly deposit their items, leaving gravity to take care of the rest. There would be a container placed at the bottom of the chute that would collect any deposits. All our quality gravity chutes are made of stainless steel, making them robust, long-lasting, and easy to maintain

Mission and Values

We are committed to sustainability, and we care about our planet. With growing populations and buildings getting taller, we remain dedicated to finding solutions that help keep the world a cleaner place and which allow the Earth to breath better. As a company and individuals, we collectively value integrity and professionalism. These are our passions, and they are what drives us to do our best each and every day

The Options


The Fan is used for ventilation and for the circulation of air in the gravity chute.

The Brush:

This is designed to assist the washing sprinkler and sanitization by scrubbing the interior surface.


This feature can reduce the volume of your waste by up to 20%* using compression. * The compactor has been tested within a household environment and reduced waste volume by a maximum of 20%. The waste contents were neither building or industrial waste.

Foot Pedal:

Giving you an easy way to open the hopper doors with a completely hands-free operation.

Support Frames:

All of the chutes use supports frames as anchors too secure and hold the chute in place on each fl oor. Our technicians carefully calculated the load weight on every level for safety and endurance.


We can provide a range of bins to be positioned at the end of the chute, ranging from highgrade galvanized materials, stainless steel or plastic compositions.

Components and Features

Hopper Doors:

The Hopper Doors have been designed and constructed for durability and longevity. The maintenance requirements are minimal, and there is a range of components to aid easy operations. The one-door-open system will only enable a single user at any one time to utilize the chute, and this was developed as a distinct safely feature on our gravity chutes. The doors sizes can be customized to suit your purpose, and are offered in Standard, Large, and Extra-Large options.

Cleaning Sprinkler:

The cleaning sprinkler is a high-pressure nozzle that cleans the interior surface of the gravity chute. The operation is fully controllable from the main controller using a solenoid valve.

Fire Cut-Off Door:

The Fire Damper or Fire Cut-Off Door is situated in the lower-level collection room. The main purpose is to be able to shut-off the chute in the case of a fi re.

Fire Sprinkler:

The Fire Sprinkler will be activated when there is a rise in temperature inside the chute. This is a modern safety feature that is incorporated into each alternate fl oor every type of chute we provide.

Sound Dampening:

Noise Reduction techniques have been applied to provide effective sound and acoustic damping to reduce resonance. This is achieved by painting an eco-friendly compound onto the surface of each chute. This absorbs any resonance of the items upon impact and at the offsets.

Sanitization Tank:

The Sanitization Unit contains a deodorizing solution that odorizes and disinfects the chute.

Pillars of Our Company

GC-1 1974:

This is the grandfather in our collection of chutes. It is the most affordable and meets all minimum requirements for garbage.

GC-Linen 1989:

Delicately designed, this linen chute is ideal for hospitals, hotels, and villas. It provides an economical solution and a practical and easy method to collect communal linens and transport them to the Laundry room or lower-level location.

GC-2 1991:

This is our classic model of gravity chute. It comes with built-in safety features and is very easily maintained.

GCV 2009:

This chute provides the most effective way to stay in control the size of any deposited waste. Each door has a volume control fl ap which limits the size of any deposits.

GC-Arbor 2013:

The most modern of all our chutes, the recycling chute was made in collaboration with CHG. Using intuitive touch-screen technology, this top-of-the-range chute has been purpose-built for the environmentally conscious building authority or owner. Quite simply, it is the future of high-quality gravity chutes.

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